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Band informations

Bloodbound was founded in 2004 in the Swedish town Bollnäs by Fredrik Bergh & Tomas Olsson.

In 2006 the band released their debut album "Nosferatu" which is today considered a classic in the melodic metal genre.

Since the start the band has performed in over 20 different countries and they have toured together with bands like Sabaton, U.D.O., Hammerfall, Alestorm and many more.

During the last years the band has developed from an insider tip to a big force on the metal scene.

The 6th Bloodbound album "Stormborn" (2014) reflects the creativity of the band. Catchy rhythms, brilliant riffs and the phenomenal voice of lead singer Patrik Johansson promise a pure metal enjoyment "Made in Sweden". With this album the 6 likeable boys made a big jump forward and their popularity worldwide is growing constantly.

Several gigs at the Masters Of Rock festival in Czech Republic led the band to record their show of 2015 and to release it as a live DVD including a live CD. "One Night Of Blood" gives a topical insight into the live qualities of the band.

Heroes", "Silver Wings" or "Dragons Are Forever" mark the brilliant work of the band.

In 2019 "Rise Of The Dragon Empire" was the new release of these Swedish Powermetaller. The complete album convinces with a lot of really great songs. In addition to the title song, we also recommend "Skyriders And Stormbringers", "Breaking The Beast" or "Balerion" as tips for playing.


Moria (taken from the actual Live-DVD "One Night Of Blood"):

Metal Monster (taken from the actual Live-DVD "One Night Of Blood"):

Stormborn (official videoclip for the from the 2014 album & titletrack):

War Of Dragons (official videoclip for the from the 2017 album & titletrack):

Rise Of The Dragon Empire (fficial videoclip for the from the 2019 album & titletrack):


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