Bloodbound tour report - June 2015

For Bloodbound more than 2.600 km had to be done at the beginning of june to join three festivals in germany and switzerland.

Geiselwind / Germany - Out & Loud festival

In spite of the low playing time of only 30 min as the opener on thursday afternoon at Out & Loud festival in Geiselwindwind / Germany the band could convince in full line.

All bandmembers and the represented fanclub were very sceptical if at this early playingtime already Metalheads will be present to celebrate a big Metalparty with them. However, what happened now amazed everybody. Bit by bit the hall was filled almost completely and the fans brought the hall to quake.

Patrik, who fell shortly before the show done of the stage and injured himself (at home in Sweden it was diagnosed as a broken arm) cheered on the cowd, in spite of considerable pains, as usual.

Till the beginning of the signing session there has been enough time to visit the camp of the Bloodheads and the German Saboteurs (Sabaton fanclub).

There has been enough time for everybody to talk with the Swedish metalheads and to let sign all possible stuff.

At 21:30 the Signing session begun, and many Metalheads came to let sign her habits and trophies. Also one or other unusual trophy or body parts were signed.

The fan club presented in the end once more loudly that stay completely behind the band. They sreamed aut: "Bloodbound" and "Headliner" and send a clear sign to the organizer. Not only because of this the festival crew praised the engagement of the fanclub as very positive and unique.

And this praise is for all of you, because you support the band always and everywhere very well!

Duisburg / Germany - Rage agains Racism festival

A festival of the quite different kind expected us on the next day.

Since 2003 each year in Duisburg the Race Agains Racism festival already takes place.
A really great and cool festival which is supported by the youth welfare office of the city of Duisburg and many voluntary assistants. The entry is free and becomes financed merely about the sales of drinks, food and Merchandise, as well as a subsidy of the city of Duisburg.

First time in history it happened what was still loudly demanded the day before: Bloodbound was the headliner on friday evening and played a 70 min. gig, and performed songs of new album Stormborn as well as the old classics.

For the first time the song "Nightmares from the Grave" was played live and thrilled the audience completely.

Also a short power failure couldnīt bring the Swedes and there fans out of control.

Even the youngest metalheads banged there heads and had a lot of fun during the show.

Zug / Switzerland - Bonebreaker festival

After a day off at the Allgäu (Bavaria) the tour went on to Switzerland on sunday morning.

Uphill, downhill we slowly approached Zug.

Also this festival which has taken place for the first time had a special atmosphere.
Brought to life by some enthusiastic Metalfans who also are partly parts of some bands, and their friends.
Too sad that only a few fans founded there way to Zug.

At the beginning a few visitors where a little bit sceptic about the six swedish guys, but the ice already broke after the first songs.

"You are not many" recogniced Patrik with a look by the rows. However there had not been so many people, the mood became better and better from song to song.

Unfortunately, after 60 minutes, everything was over again. And this although they had been co-headliner at this day.
There is only the hope that we will see the guys as soon as possible on tour again. And there is only one aim:
Headliner shows with at least two hours playing time.

Thanks to the band, to the organizers of each festival and of course to all of you for beeing part of these small festivaltour!

In The Name Of Metal