Bloodbound tour report - March/April 2015

As Co-headliner Bloodbound has been on tour with Majesty and Evil Invader from the end of march till the beginning of April 2015.

17 shows in 17 days through 8 countries, what a program!!!

Three guys of the original billing coudlnīt be on this tour becouse of different reasons so they where replaced by
Daniel (Twilight Force & Billion Dollar Babies) on drums
Jocke (Twilight Force) on guitar
and the "Electric Frederik" on keyboards.

Once again they confirmed what a fantastic liveband bloodbound actually is. During the tour they harvested a lot of enthusiasm.
Also hardcore metalfans who didnīt know them before where really surprised and full of praise. They all wanted to hear more songs and saw in bloodbound the real headliner.

The setlist for this tour included the following songs:

The begining of the tour was in Siegen with a long queue in front of the venue.
So the small club was full of enthusiastic metalheads. Also a few of the bloodheads from the bloodbound fanclub where there and complitely thrilled about the new setlist with old classics and also 4 new songs from the new album Stormborn.

Next stop was Aalen with a little surprise for the band:
Members from the fanclub donated them a big bloodbound cake, selfmade of course!

In Nürnberg it was Daniels 30th birthday which also was selebratetd with a few bloodheads.

The end of the fantastic tour was in Vosselaar/Belgium.

This 17 days of touring for us has been too short and we hope for a repeat really really soon, maybe then as the real headliner?!?

But before that, they will be back in june for a short festivaltour in Germany and Switzerland. Last but not least a big thanks to the band, the crew and of course all the bloodheads we meet there for the first time or again. You made the tour as special as it was!

In The Name Of Metal!